Hassle-free Online Stores

Do you use Shopify for the Hassle-free Online Store?
No. Our goal is to help clients avoid unnecessary costs. Shopify costs about $39/mo. (paid monthly) or $29/mo. (on the annual plan). We use a direct setup with a manufacturer that's one of Shopify's partners. Setting up the account is free, and so is the storefront site!
How long will it take to set up my store?
That depends. You'll need to send us your logos, designs, etc., and we will work with you to choose the first 10 items you want to add to your store. Once we have the initial pieces for set up in place, we can get going on the store. Ideally, we'd like to have your store up and running in less than two (2) weeks.
Is the set up fee one-time?
Absolutely. We only charge upfront for the set up fee of your store. After that, you shouldn't have any ongoing fees - which is why we do things the way we do them. That said, the companies we work with may change their policies, fees, etc., and don't have to ask our opinion on it. So...

Digital Marketing

How do digital marketing services work?
We specialize in paid ADs on Facebook and Instagram (yes, they DO work!), and can run targeted campaigns aimed at your ideal client(s). For artists/bands, we can use your music to build a fanbase. If you represent a music festival, for example, we can create campaigns promoting the event, to sell tickets, etc. We'll consult you to get an understanding of your goals, and let you know whether we feel that we can assist you or not.
Do I have to sign a long-term contract for marketing services?
Heck no. We're not a major record label or anything! LOL We're not trying to pick on record labels - but no. We'll discuss how long you want to run your campaigns for, but in general, it's month to month. For example, if you're promoting an upcoming event, you'll probably want the campaign(s) to end once the event is over. But if you're a brick-and-mortar recording studio, music school, radio station, etc., you might be looking to run various campaigns year-round. 

Social Media Management

How does social media management work with Merch Tower?
It's simple. We'll familiarize ourselves with your brand, tone, message, etc., and work with you to determine the types of posts, frequency, etc., that makes sense for your business (however, no more than 3x per channel/per day). Merch Tower will create content and post on your behalf via access to your Business Manager (Facebook and Instagram), and Tweetdeck (Twitter). If you have another third-party account that you'd like us to use (ie., Later, Hootsuite) we can discuss that too.
Can I cancel social media management at any time?
You bet! There will never be a time that you won't have control over your social media accounts, and you can revoke Merch Tower's access at any time. Services are always paid for at the end of the previous month for the subsequent month. So, if you cancel social media management services on the 8th of the month, for example, you would still be charged for that month because it was paid for in the previous month. Worth noting: Merch Tower may also discontinue services at any time, without notice. If you are deemed to behave in a way that we feel may damage our reputation or brand, we'll try to talk it out first, but may just let it burn like Usher.
Will you post whatever I want to my accounts?
Child, please. We are professionals and just because we're managing your account doesn't mean we're going to throw our dignity out the window. If you want to post hurtful, mean, explicit things on your account, you're free to do so. We, however, will politely decline an invitation to that party.


Does Merch Tower work with any/all clients?
Nope. Sorry not sorry, but there are some business types we won't take on even if music is an essential part of their business (e.g., strip clubs). If you're wondering whether or not you fall into the "no-go" category, send us an email and we'll let you know. Trust us, we don't want to waste your time either.
Who is the girl in the Merch Tower website banner?
No clue. But that photo has been around our brand way before we ever even officially launched. It really encapsulates what we were going for as far as colors, imagery, mood, etc. And yes, she appears to be at a carnival which has nothing to do with our business. But it's still a dope picture. Photo Credit: Daniel Xavier
Anything else?
Yup, there always is because we're all humans and something will inevitably arise. But for now, if you have any Q's just let us know and we'll act like decent human beings and have an intelligible conversation with you.

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